More Film

These images are inspiring me to break out my film cameras again.  I love how even mistakes end up as something interesting.

Smoky Mountains National Park, 2009

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And in case you missed the information:


While cleaning out a cabinet in my studio today, in search of supplies for several projects I’m working on, I found several envelopes of film I’d had developed but never did anything with.  I’ll share some of them over the next few days.  Also in the works, hand made coasters featuring my work.  I’m pretty excited about them and the way they are turning out, so I should have them at the show on the 29th.

I’ll have photos of them soon, but for now—


Eastern Neck Island, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Which Bear?

Since my recent addition of bookmarks to my merchandise was so successful, I decided design a few more.  The fox one was easy enough, as my sister had already told me…repeatedly…which was her favorite.  ;)

I wanted to design a black bear bookmark as well, but I’ve been having trouble narrowing down my choices.  Then I realized that some of the images I was trying to choose from had never been shared (oops).

I decided to share them now and get YOUR input on which you’d like to see on a bookmark.


Black Bears and Walnuts


Cub On a Branch


Cub To Climb


Sitting Cub

Pick one. The image for the opposite side has already been chosen.

One person who participates on the blog or on Facebook will be chosen at random to receive a free bookmark. :)

There’s a story going around with a misleading title. It says a hiker “discovers” an abandoned town in the Smoky Mountains and photographs it. That’s like saying he discovered the visitor’s center or the park itself. The abandoned town (actually a club) is well known. A section of it can be driven through by the Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The rest of it can very easily be hiked/walked through.

Its a very cool area to explore and I did so myself (most recently last year). Check it out yourself the next time you’re in the area. Be respectful of the area so that others can explore it as well and keep in mind that the park would rather you didn’t enter the structures- both for your safety and the safety of the buildings.

GreenAndEmptyweb HouseInTheWoodweb NoRockingweb OldPaintJobweb TealDoorweb Threeweb WithOrbweb WornDownweb


Hey….How about a Deal Of The Day? Today Only:

“Terrapin Blues”

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Olympic Sunrise

I’ve gotten pretty behind in adding photos to http://www.jlgould.com.  I’ve been working on adding at least all the photographs that I usually have at shows.  I havent added them all yet, but what I have added is in the “New” folder.

Show this weekend


This Saturday, October 4, I’ll be taking part in the Fall Fest Art & Craft Show at the Maryland Yacht Club, 1500 Fairview Beach Road, Pasadena, MD 21122.  The show starts at 10 am and runs until 3 pm.  This is my first time at this event, so I’m not familiar with the other artists taking part, but I’ll have a lot of new work, the new bookmarks and samples of the three 2015 calendars available to order.  So if you’re in the area, come say hello!


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