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Remaining in Delaware, but turning my attention from big landscapes, vibrant sunsets and the big picture to the little things- the creatures you meet with your belly on the ground, the birds found when looking up and everything else waiting for someone to take a closer look.

So, an appreciation of little things:


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I’d originally planned this post to be a small interruption from sharing the photographs from my recent Yellowstone trip by sharing a selection of old and new images from the Delmarva area.  It didn’t take me long to realize that including all those images in one post would be too big a task.  I’d forgotten about several folders of photographs I’d meant to share before now.  Oops.

So, here is part one: Lewes, Delaware













I can’t imagine ever getting tired of the scenery around Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Every time the light changes, its like an entirely new world.

I yearn to explore all the roads and trails.  I dream of spending months at a time there, photographing every nook and cranny, venturing into each town and discovering more of what that world has to offer.

One of these days…




In spring the bison have to remain vigilant to protect their calves. Grizzly, wolves, black bear…predators of all kinds looking for an easy meal. This particular black bear may or may not have been hunting for a bison calf, but he definitely got too close and was chased quite a ways before the bison let him be.


I’m not sure there are many things cuter than a baby black bear…except maybe three baby black bears.




Yellowstone National Park.

My trip to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming was a whirlwind of travel, photography and amazing animal encounters.  I didn’t manage to photograph every encounter, like the wolf the we followed as it trotted down the road in the light of our headlights, then turned around to stand 10 feet from the vehicle window before melting into the woods; or the grizzly sow and her two yearling cubs who popped their heads over a roadside embankment as we pulled over on our drive back to camp to see what was moving about in the dark.  But I was fortunate enough to photograph otters playing on the ice, a coyote successfully hunting in the snow, a black bear and her 3 new cubs, a grizzly and her tiny cub, sandhill cranes and a slew of other wildlife.

And despite all those encounters, I’m still quite enamored with the bison activity that I captured.  Bison calves (aka “red dogs”) were everywhere.  Quick and nimble, but appearing clumsy and silly.  Curious, playful and…fearless.






Not so fearless.


More to come!

I’ve been so busy planning and preparing the past few weeks, I never got around to posting that I was on my way to Yellowstone.  If you’re on my facebook, you might have already gotten the heads up yesterday from my ‘sneak peek':


I flew in to Denver Friday evening, arriving around 8:30, which gave me just enough time to find my way out of the mess that is Denver Airport,  my good friend, John (of John M. Sperry Photography), grab a bite to eat and grab a few hours of sleep before hitting the road at 4:30 am.   Our little caravan consisted of ourselves, followed in a second vehicle by two friends joining us for the week in Yellowstone National Park.

Most of Saturday was taken up by the drive.  I couldn’t pass up a chance to stop for lunch at Lotus Cafe in Jackson, Wyoming.  My vegan meal was as amazing as always and my three companions were quite happy with their bison burgers.  So, I still highly recommend the stop.

The Tetons enchanted us, holding on to its winter coat of ice and snow, while spring tried its best to break through.  I would have loved to have hit one of my favorite trails, but it was under some three feet of snow.

We made our way into Yellowstone and through to the wonderful little town of Gardiner, where our home away from home for the week was located.  I hadn’t been able to visit this place– one of my favorite places — since 2012 and I was greeted in the perfect way: I walked into where I was told to pick up the keys for the cabin and was greeted by Heather, an awesome woman I’ve been friends with since my first trip to Yellowstone back in 2010.  I hadn’t told her I was coming and I hadn’t known where she was working, creating a nice surprise for the both of us.  THAT’S a nice way to arrive in  town.

The trip so far has been beautiful,  exciting and productive.  Grizzlies and cubs,  black bears and cubs,  bison,  elk,  bighorn sheep,  pronghorn antelope, coyote,  wolves,  deer and a dozen other animals,  plus landscapes,  sunsets and sunrises. I’ll have plenty to share when I get home next week!



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