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Fall Colors…

Pinto In Fall

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Storms in the Smoky Mountains are beautiful.  Watching them roll in over the mountains, hearing the approach from miles away…its amazing.

That said, we’d left the cabin to camp up in the mountains for a couple of nights but changed our mind because of the tornado warnings. 

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This is a pretty laid-back trip for me.  I’m staying in a cabin with my friend Pam and her dog and we’re doing a lot of vacation-like activties…like, hanging out and doing nothing.  I’m still getting a decent amount of photography done, but this definitely isnt the intense dawn-to-dusk of my other travels. I’m not complaining…it sort of nice to be so indulgent.

Dawn In The Forest

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Does In The Morning Mist

My morning started with coyotes and mist. I’m down here for a week, meeting a friend whose come up from FL and photographing some of this fall color.

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Local Wanderings…

I was fortunate enough to spot an endangerd Delmarva Fox Squirrel while shooting in Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge today.  Always a treat.

Had lunch at Common Grounds in Salisbury, then spent the afternoon with the wild ponies at Assateague Island National Seashore.  Not too shabby.

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Day 24: Home!

8:12 AM On the road again…

1:43 PM Nearing Dayton, Ohio.  May make it home before 10pm Eastern Time

10:16 PM Home. 20+Awesomeness to John S. whose audiobooks made this feat possible.

Thats right, folks, 1700 miles in 2 days.

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