This Woman Wanders

Oh, Coffey Haus, how I love you.

Had a restful morning and returned to Coffey Haus ( in Luverne, MN for some wonderful coffee. I love a place that has coffee that is drinkable black.  I also love a place that has wifi and a staff that remembers their customers.

When I hit the road, I wasnt sure whether I would be staying staying in Frontenac State Park, MN (where I’d heard there was excellent birding) or continue on to WI. 

I started out by visiting Pipestone National Monument which was beautiful and provided for a nice little walk along wildflowers and streams, but the last part of my visit was during a thunderstorm so I was glad to have wisely left my camera in the car.  I set my GPS for Frontenac, and between my moody GPS and hours of downpouring rain, it took me twice the time I expected to reach my destination. 

I still had time to wander around a bit and while I didnt find many birds, it was a pretty spot.

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