This Woman Wanders

Day 19 – iHike.

I decided to hike up to Dream Lake.  Along the way my lungs were acting like whiny little sea-level lungs, so I punished them by hiking further on up to Emerald Lake.  Its only 1.8 miles to Emerald Lake, with an elevation gain of only 600 feet, but at these elevations, it feels like longer.  I’m still getting used to the sensation of my muscles being capable and my lungs being pathetic.  I guess I can’t be too hard on myself…there’s no way I could’ve done this hike a week ago.

I took plenty of breaks along the way.  At one point I sat down to update facebook (I know…its a sad addiction)  and a squirrel came over and sat next to me all non-chalant like.  Slightly surreal.

Emerald Lake
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