This Woman Wanders

Finally able to share photos again!

As usual, I’m slacking on posting things in order or in a timely manner, but after a bunch of hassle trying to get my photo editing software to work, I’m finally able to process photos again.  I had been hoping to continue using my old versions of Photoshop and Lightroom that I had purchased, but Adobe is no long providing updates for them and they were suddenly not reading my camera files- even camera files that they had previously been able to read!  So I was forced to do a major upgrade and start the monthly subscription service which is Adobe’s only option now.  And there’s a little bit of a learning curve as I adjust to the newer programs.

I’m aware of how ironic it is, considering how much I love to travel and do new things, but I hate change.  ha.  At least in things that I consider the “constants”.

I’m planning on heading out this week for a few weeks of travel, but I suspect I’ll be doing more painting than photography.  A little of both at least.  I had planned on leaving tomorrow, but my car is getting some maintenance done and one of my canine travel-buddies decided he needs some maintenance too, so he has a vet appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully all is well and we can depart on Friday.

A few photos from earlier this year:

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado


Bullock’s Oriole, Colorado
Female Prairie Dog, Colorado


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