About Me

My name is Jen Gould.  I’m a photographer and artist living on the eastern shore of Maryland.  My photography focus is primarily conservation- photographing wildlife, plants and scenery to bring attention to all the beauty there is to be appreciated — and protected.

My art ranges from wildlife to little dinosaur fae to chaotic mixed media.  I’m partial to watercolors, but I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of media.  Most of my travels consist of road-trips thru the US and Canada.  Its usually just me and my two dogs exploring nature, perusing thrift stores and antique malls, searching out awesome dog parks, great breweries, indie cafes and delicious vegan eats.

I meet a diverse and interesting mix of people in my travels, sometimes resulting in amazing friendships or meaningful life lessons.  Sharing my experiences with the people I meet and learning about their own lives and experiences has become an integral part of my journey.  What started out as “what I do for a living” has become “what I do with my life”.

And so, This Woman Wanders…

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  1. Hi Riley. Thanks so much for your kind words! I love being outdoors, but my current hikes are more in line with day hikes at this point. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll move into the backpacking arena. Happy travels to you!

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