My name is J. L. Gould.  I’m a nature and wildlife photographer and artist living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I travel the country in search of wildlife and beautiful locations.  Our lands are becoming more developed every year, taking away from the natural habitats of our indigenous wildlife.   Pollution from factory farming, big agriculture, household pesticides and chemicals, and improper disposal of household refuse have an increasingly detrimental effect on our environment.  I hope that through my blog, art and photography I can bring awareness and attention to these issues, while highlighting the beauty of the remaining untouched lands.

Despite the fact that I’m driving a lot of miles, I’m attempting to live as environmentally friendly a lifestyle as I can.  While it’s not always possible, I try to choose spending my lodging funds in national and state park campsites rather than hotels.  When I’m running low on supplies of one kind or another I focus on independently owned shops and thrift stores.  I frequent farmer’s markets and manage to prepare most of my own food while on the road.

I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my adult life.  A couple of years ago I chose to become vegan- for my health, for the animals and because as a conservationist I think veganism is one of the most important and impactful choices I can make.  My big indulgence, from a consumer standpoint, while traveling has been dining out from time to time.  Finding vegan options can be challenging in some parts of the country, which has made me appreciate all the more the restaurants I find that focus on local, plant-based and organic foods.

I meet a diverse and interesting mix of people in my travels, sometimes resulting in amazing friendships or meaningful life lessons.  Sharing my experiences with the people I meet and learning about their own lives and experiences has become an integral part of my journey.  What started out as “what I do for a living” has become “what I do with my life”.

And so, This Woman Wanders…

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi! I ended up on your blog by strange happenstance. Your mom posted a message on my cousin’s facebook saying “My daughter [—] had some very nice things to say about your sweet family.” When she mentioned your blog I had to google it and I’ve been ogling over your travels since. I’m indubitably jealous but, with intentions of guiding as a career path, can’t wait to follow in your tire tracks – with my bike and feet. So I wanted to know if you’re usually an active and outdoorsy person. I assume so but I’ve seen nothing that says “i just finished hiking for 8-days straight.” If so, look me up next time you’re in Vancouver or Southern Ontario (I’m back and forth a lot).


    1. Hi Riley. Thanks so much for your kind words! I love being outdoors, but my current hikes are more in line with day hikes at this point. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll move into the backpacking arena. Happy travels to you!

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