Fort Phil Kearny

After Devil’s Tower, I met up with my good friend and fellow photographer, John Sperry, who was joining me for the following week or so of my travels.  We’d chosen Buffalo, Wyoming as our meeting place based on its proximity to our mutual locations and planned destination.  We lucked out with a gorgeous campsite at … More Fort Phil Kearny

Devil’s Tower

This trip was the second time I made a quick stop at Devil’s Tower National Monument on my way to someplace else.  As before, though I had forgotten until I was there again, I wished I had scheduled more time. Devil’s Tower itself is, of course, the main attraction, domineering the landscape, but its not … More Devil’s Tower


After leaving the Badlands, I headed west, and was excited to see a sign along the highway for Belle Joli winery.  I’d discovered their wines on a previous pass through and brought home bottles to share with my sisters and friends. I hadnt had them since because South Dakota doesnt allow for the shipping of … More Deadwood

A quick hello!

The past few days have been full of a months worth of experiences.  Small towns, the black hills and Devils Tower in South Dakota, the wide expanse of Wyoming, Lewis & Clark National Forest in Montana, and a whole lot of Alberta, Canada.  I’m capturing some amazing light and meeting wonderful people…and taking notes so … More A quick hello!

The Alien Badlands

I’ve heard people claim that they’ve visited the Badlands and found them disappointing, declaring them colorless and lifeless.  All I’ve really managed to do in reply was stare and stutter my dumbfounded objections. From my first glimpse of the Badlands, rising suddenly from the prairie, jutting their spires and turrets, like alien sandcastles, into the … More The Alien Badlands

Postcards, anyone?

I’m too busy playing in the Badlands for a real entry today,  but message me on facebook with your address if you’d like to be put in a pile of names I’ll choose at random to send postcards to while on this trip.   PLEASE,  message me and not comment- you don’t want to send … More Postcards, anyone?

Live Long And Prosper

It was pointed out to me this morning that it is difficult to follow my progress when I change my route.  I informed the Itinerary Police (hi,  hubby!), that my itineraries are only guidelines and ideas, meant to change at the slightest provocation. For instance,  on the very slim chance that my friend from Northern … More Live Long And Prosper

Day 2 Wanderings

Today was a little more eventful as I made a point of stopping often to explore and stretch my legs. In Ohio, I attempted to find a good spot to photograph the fog -like haze that covered everything,  but with so flat a landscape,  there want an easy vantage point.  I did consider climbing on … More Day 2 Wanderings