Day 2 Wanderings

Today was a little more eventful as I made a point of stopping often to explore and stretch my legs.

In Ohio, I attempted to find a good spot to photograph the fog -like haze that covered everything,  but with so flat a landscape,  there want an easy vantage point.  I did consider climbing on top of an easily accessible rest stop,  but I thought they might frown on such shenanigans,  so I made do with my lowly view.  Which wasn’t a total bust.

IMG_20150901_091552 IMG_20150901_091749 IMG_20150901_091916 IMG_20150901_192632

After Ohio was Indiana,  then Illinois.  In Illinois I stopped at Lake Of The Woods Forest Reserve. ..mostly because it sounded like something Anne Shirley (of Anne of Green Gables ) named.  With her whimsical way of viewing the world in mind,  the little park was a perfect break from the driving.

IMG_20150901_192932 IMG_20150901_193115 IMG_20150901_193210

(To my friend,  Bob,  from the Lake In The Woods- IL post my pictures of squirrels when I get home from this trip!  🙂 )

From there it was only a couple of hours to my stop in Davenport,  Iowa.  Time for a good night’s rest to prepare for another day of wandering. ..

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