Looking Closer

Remaining in Delaware, but turning my attention from big landscapes, vibrant sunsets and the big picture to the little things- the creatures you meet with your belly on the ground, the birds found when looking up and everything else waiting for someone to take a closer look. So, an appreciation of little things:     … More Looking Closer


I can’t imagine ever getting tired of the scenery around Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Every time the light changes, its like an entirely new world. I yearn to explore all the roads and trails.  I dream of spending months at a time there, photographing every nook and cranny, venturing into each town and discovering more … More Landscapes

Run, bear…run!

In spring the bison have to remain vigilant to protect their calves. Grizzly, wolves, black bear…predators of all kinds looking for an easy meal. This particular black bear may or may not have been hunting for a bison calf, but he definitely got too close and was chased quite a ways before the bison let … More Run, bear…run!

Fearless Red Dogs

My trip to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming was a whirlwind of travel, photography and amazing animal encounters.  I didn’t manage to photograph every encounter, like the wolf the we followed as it trotted down the road in the light of our headlights, then turned around to stand 10 feet from the vehicle window before melting … More Fearless Red Dogs