Fearless Red Dogs

My trip to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming was a whirlwind of travel, photography and amazing animal encounters.  I didn’t manage to photograph every encounter, like the wolf the we followed as it trotted down the road in the light of our headlights, then turned around to stand 10 feet from the vehicle window before melting into the woods; or the grizzly sow and her two yearling cubs who popped their heads over a roadside embankment as we pulled over on our drive back to camp to see what was moving about in the dark.  But I was fortunate enough to photograph otters playing on the ice, a coyote successfully hunting in the snow, a black bear and her 3 new cubs, a grizzly and her tiny cub, sandhill cranes and a slew of other wildlife.

And despite all those encounters, I’m still quite enamored with the bison activity that I captured.  Bison calves (aka “red dogs”) were everywhere.  Quick and nimble, but appearing clumsy and silly.  Curious, playful and…fearless.

Not so fearless.


More to come!

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