A Sleuth of Bears

Did you know sleuth was the term for a group of bears?  You can also use sloth, maul or pack.  A sleuth sounds like they are a bunch of bear detectives.  A sloth makes bears sound lazy and slow.  A maul presents them as vicious creatures.  And a pack?  Bears don’t run in packs like wolves.  … More A Sleuth of Bears

Lamar Valley

Each area of Yellowstone National Park is so disparate from the other that I often feel like I’ve been teleporting between different lands.  Traveling from the Mammoth area to Lamar Valley takes me through an ever changing landscape.  By the time I’m in Lamar Valley, I feel like I’ve entered the Land Of The Lost, … More Lamar Valley

Fearless Red Dogs

My trip to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming was a whirlwind of travel, photography and amazing animal encounters.  I didn’t manage to photograph every encounter, like the wolf the we followed as it trotted down the road in the light of our headlights, then turned around to stand 10 feet from the vehicle window before melting … More Fearless Red Dogs

Day 8: Lunch break in West Yellowstone…

Yesterday afternoon I met photographer Bart Smith (http://www.walkingdownadream.com/) as I was wandering around Yellowstone.  He told me some really interesting information about the Nez Perce National Historic Trail which runs through Yellowstone.  In 1877 a band of 700 Nez Perce men, women and children fought against the 7th Calvary while trying to escape to Canada rather than be forced onto … More Day 8: Lunch break in West Yellowstone…