Day 7: Lazy In Yellowstone

I slept in until amost 6:30 this morning, partially because I’d been up a bit later than my recent norm, and partially because the the traffic from I-90 and the train tracks running right next to the campground kept waking me up.  Not the most ideal location for a good night’s rest, but it was clean and the staff gave me free coffee, so I’ll just use earplugs if I stay there again.

I was in no hurry to be on my  way this morning.  I was less than two hours from Yellowstone.  I was in Gardiner, MT around noon where my first stop was the Tumbleweeds Cafe (my favorite place in town) for lunch.  Then it was a visit to the campground to pick a site and back to Gardiner…and the laundromat.

I don’t know how I managed to do so, but I packed enough tshirts for less than a week.  I suppose I was expecting to use more of my colder-weather shirts.  Perhaps I should look at this as an excuse to buy more Yellowstone t-shirts…

I’ll have plenty of late afternoon and evening light to be out with my camera.

I’m waiting on some information to find out when I might be heading to Glacier National Park.  You’ll know shortly after I do…

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