Quick hello…

Having quite the successful trip and have lots to write about, but wifi and time to blog is scarce. Guaranteed that ill be an updating fool post trip. in the meantime… Advertisements


Kentucky is colored like spring, and I don’t think just because its spring.  Vibrant green fields, crisp white fences, pink flowered trees and blue skies.  Even though the skies were completely overcast on my first day in Kentucky, even the storm clouds were blue. Its not often that I find myself enjoying a drive, despite … More Kentucky

West Virginia

My destination Tuesday evening was Charleston, WV.  I’d forgotten that at higher elevations, spring would still be a thing to come, so driving through western Maryland included some drabby scenery with naked trees and sad little buds barely giving a hint of color to the landscape.  Lower down, and thankfully for most of the drive, … More West Virginia