Mammoth Cave National Park

I don’t think Mammoth Cave’s web site does it the least bit of justice.  My only reason for planning to go there is because I want to eventually visit all of the national parks, and this one is fairly close.  My impression of the park had been that it had great caves and the rest would all be adequate.

The park is beautiful.  Its lush and green with miles upon miles of hiking, biking and horse trails.  Their camp sites are spacious, clean, green and plentiful.  They have heated restroom made with cedar and tile that are all clean, bright and new looking.  A decent camp store, laundry facilities, showers, a post office, multiple gift stores, a post office, their own hotel and a fantastic visitors center.   The icing on the cake is the many cave tour options.  You can go the fast and easy route, or you can spend 6 hours on a crawling cave tour where you can’t be any wider than 42 inches at the shoulders or hips if you want to fit in the tunnels.

What makes the park even more appealing, to me, is its endeavors to be as green as possible. Their entire fleet of vehicles uses alternative fuel sources, from electric cars to propane-powered buses. Recycling bins are everywhere, as are educational information and small implementations aimed at making as much of a difference as possible.  It adds up to create a truly eco-friendly experience. (And I really wish places like the Smoky Mountains would take notice and provide at least recycling bins!)

After my restful night of camping, lulled to sleep by the guitar playing and enthusiastic (talented) singing of neighboring campers, I was eager to explore more of the park.  Once I return home I hope to have a few interesting images from the caves and surrounding areas.

From early morning…


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