Day 19 – iHike.

I decided to hike up to Dream Lake.  Along the way my lungs were acting like whiny little sea-level lungs, so I punished them by hiking further on up to Emerald Lake.  Its only 1.8 miles to Emerald Lake, with an elevation gain of only 600 feet, but at these elevations, it feels like longer.  … More Day 19 – iHike.

Day 18

Went out searching for coyotes this morning without much luck, then settled in at Notchtop Cafe in Estes Park (highly recommend) to drink copius amounts of coffee and get some work done on my computer.  Several hours here oughta do the trick…

Day 17 – *gasp*

So, the trail this morning was supposed to be a short relatively easy hike.  It probably is, if you’re in great shape and used to these elevations. I am not. But, though towards the end I was stopping every 15 feet or so to catch my breath, I managed to hike the 3 miles (I’m … More Day 17 – *gasp*

Day 15- Jeeping!

Today a bunch of us piled into two jeeps and went jeeping.  I’d never been and looking at the jeep trails, I was not convinced one could drive through them, even in a jeep.  I was proven wrong and I’ll admit it was loads more fun that I expected.  And, bonus,  there are places you … More Day 15- Jeeping!

Day 14 – Tired!

I did go out with several photographers early in the day and we even managed to spot a bear, though my shots of this cute little bird came out better.  It was fun, but I am worn the heck out. So, I’m taking a siesta this afternoon.  I’m not alone.  My camping buddy is crashed … More Day 14 – Tired!