Vintage Vibes

The beginning of this last trip, which I started in the last week of April, happened because of a random AirBnB I stumbled across. It was DARLING and I immediately thought my dear friends, Kate and Emmy, would appreciate the vintage vibes. The three of us have spent a lot of time together going to … More Vintage Vibes

I love Tulsa

With the heat being what it is, I had to continue being creative with what I did during the day, unless I wanted to hide out in the air conditioned hotel room with the dogs. But there’s no shortage of exploring to do in Tulsa, so the dogs and I had a wonderful day. One … More I love Tulsa

On to Illinois…

I try to schedule a stop every couple of hours. Its taking life on leg at a time, not one day at a time. Heck, sometimes its taking life a moment at a time. But “good” anxiety days let me have several hours at a stretch. For this day’s itinerary I had neglected to check … More On to Illinois…

Back at it!

Back at this road trip, photography, art, blogging thing, day 1. Fair warning to you, my dear readers, but my travel blogging is going to have a new ingredient! Anxiety. Its whats for dinner. And breakfast. And Lunch. And happy hour. I deal with it daily and my comfort zone has shrunk over the past … More Back at it!

Quarancation, Anyone?

How have all of your been fairing through this year? Are you doing well? What are you doing to care for your mental well being? Personally, I’ve spent much of the year going stir crazy. The quarantine fatigue started early in the year for me, probably because I’m generally an out and about type person. … More Quarancation, Anyone?