Vintage Vibes

The beginning of this last trip, which I started in the last week of April, happened because of a random AirBnB I stumbled across. It was DARLING and I immediately thought my dear friends, Kate and Emmy, would appreciate the vintage vibes. The three of us have spent a lot of time together going to Pyrex meetups, thrifting for vintage treasures and sharing our finds. We even went to Corning, NY for the 100 year Anniversary of Pyrex. We are Vintage Nerds.

The three of us decided that such an adorable find should absolutely be enjoyed for a full week, so we figured out our calendars and booked it. We didn’t even know what was in the area to do, but the house was perfect.

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and they both live north of Philadelphia, so we figured we would just meet at the airbnb.

I wanted to visit some antique malls on my way, so I called ahead to see which ones were dog friendly so I could bring Poe and Greg in with me. My first stop was in Harrisonburg. I texted Emmy and Kate to update them on my travel progress and they were also stopped in Harrisonburg! The three (well, 5 with the puppers) met up at Rolling Hills Antique Mall, followed by lunch and a visit to the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia.

The Factory Antique Mall had double decker carts. Poe and Greg are both used to exploring antique malls and thrift stores in a regular shopping cart, but this was a first. I promise they were having more fun than it looks like in the photo! They sat quietly, never tried to get out, and were SO happy to get love from all the people who said hello to them.

From there it was only another 90 minutes to our home for the week, driving through some truly beautiful scenery.

I’ll tell you all about our adventures (of which there were many), in coming posts…

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