Wild Success

My goal to find and photograph the wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park was accomplished in ways I couldn’t have dared hope.  I’ve been wanting to photograph wild horses for years.  To be able to do so, and almost completely unplanned, since I didn’t know about TRNP before coming across it yesterday morning, pleases … More Wild Success

North Dakota

When I left my campground in Bismarck this morning I’d been planning and heading as far from North Dakota as I could get.  Mainly because its hot as heck and supposed to get hotter.  97 today. Fortunately, I came across Theodore Roosevelt National Park along the way and decided to take a look (because, on … More North Dakota


Saturday I rolled into St. Cloud, Minnesota late in the day.  I hadn’t had a lot of sleep, so did little more than accompany my friend Cahlean on a walk with her three lovely dogs and talk for hours.  We hadn’t seen each other since the previous fall- there was plenty to talk about! We … More Minnesota!


Wow, what a whirlwind trip this has been so far! I slept like a rock at the HI Hostel in Niagara Falls (in large part thanks to my  very considerate bunkmates) and was able to see the Falls at sunrise, before parking fees and tourists were evident.   I then drove North to Killarney Provincial … More Woo!

In Canada

Made it!  It was a great day for a drive: gorgeous fog shrouding the mountains but not the road, followed by blue skies, mild temps and fluffy clouds.  The hostel I’m at is pretty cool.  I don’t really know how it compares to others as it is my first hostel stay, but I dig it.  … More In Canada