In Canada

Made it!  It was a great day for a drive: gorgeous fog shrouding the mountains but not the road, followed by blue skies, mild temps and fluffy clouds.  The hostel I’m at is pretty cool.  I don’t really know how it compares to others as it is my first hostel stay, but I dig it.  The atmosphere is pretty laid back and the crowd is super friendly. 

I’ll be heading out with my camera in the morning (before the hoard of tourists flock to the falls, and then I’ll be heading North.  Hopefully I will meet up with some more free wifi in a day or so.


2 thoughts on “In Canada

  1. Always glad to hear you’ve had a safe journey to wherever it is you are going. I have never been to Niagra Falls and hope you get lots of great pix. My sister Pat went to the NY side and was not all that impressed because there was too much commercialism. I think Canada side has less of that. Enjoy!

    1. I didnt get too many photographs, but I think its worth a return trip with company. Its very over-the-top touristy…lots of neon lights. But it also has some pretty parks and cute b&b’s and such.

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