Our Own Private Waterfalls

In my last post I described the adorable AirBnB two friends and I had rented for the week in West Virginia.  We’d booked it because the house was entirely our aesthetic, but we really had no idea what was in the area.

After booking the place, we found out that the owner had another property, 30 minutes away in Virginia, that we would also be allowed access to.  Beaverdam Falls is a private 60 acre property with waterfalls, swimming holes, cascades, a beaver preservation area, federally registered wetlands and one of the rarest kinds of caves in the world, a Cesspool Cave.  There was only going to be one day during our stay where the temperatures would be warm enough for swimming so our plans were made for day 1.

I don’t know that we had expected much, but when we arrived our host, Beau, told us we had the entire property to ourselves that day.  The handful of campsites and the airbnb on site were not booked and as its private property, there wouldn’t be random people showing up.

It was glorious!

And we took full advantage!

Some of us (them) were more graceful than others (me).
It was amazing fun and so beautiful.

We explored some of the rest of the property as well.  They are also VERY dog friendly, so my boys got to explore as well. Beaverdam Falls has fancy canvas tents set up on wooden decks and furnished with a bed, a wood stove, power, potable water, and outdoor dining.  Between the Airbnb on the property, the tents, the camp sites and the future lodging plans the host has, discussions about coming back with more friends were definitely had.  Fingers crossed!

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