Is This A Questionable Decision? Maybe..

If you’ve read some of my past entries, you’re probably know that I have significant anxiety.  Traveling has always involved trying to do scary things even though anxiety adds several layers of difficulty.  To combat my anxiety and still be able to see new places, I travel with my dogs, road-tripping (and often camping) in my fully stocked Honda Element.  Between stretching my comfort zones, medication and weekly therapy sessions, I’ve made a lot of progress when it comes to managing my anxiety.

I recently did something that will put me out of my comfort zone in a million different ways.  I am both terrified and excited.

I purchased Frontier Airlines GoWild Summer Pass.  With an introductory offer of $399, I can fly all I want from May 2 – Sept 30.  I still have to pay taxes and fees (totally around $15 per flight) and I can only bring a personal sized bag  that fits under the seat, unless I want to pay $100 in baggage fees.  Also, and this is the biggest catch that makes it both terrifying and Such An Adventure (!!!), I can only book the day before a flight for domestic flights and 10 days before international flights., with no guarantee that there will be seats left for where you want to go.

So, to recap:
– I won’t have my dogs with me.

– I won’t have personal transportation.

– I will only have on me what I can fit in a backpack.

– I won’t know exactly where I’m going until the day before I leave.

Deep breath.

I can do this.

I’m creating a personal travel guide for myself.  For each city that I’m interested in visiting that Frontier flies to, I am researching the following questions:

  1. How safe is the city? Are there areas of the city I should avoid?
  2. How walkable is the city/does it have good public transit?
  3. What’s the weather like May-Sept?
  4. Do I know anyone in that area?
  5. Are there affordable & safe places to stay?
  6. Are there vegan donuts?  (what?  This is important information)
  7. Are there any great vegan restaurants I need to try?
  8. Best vintage shopping, independent used bookstores, breweries, independent coffee shops?
  9. What interesting things are there to do there?
  10. Are there good places to sit and paint?
  11. Are there beautiful places to photograph nearby?

I have no idea how this is going to go, but it will sure be interesting.


What is your favorite US city to visit?


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