Day 17 – *gasp*

So, the trail this morning was supposed to be a short relatively easy hike.  It probably is, if you’re in great shape and used to these elevations. I am not.

But, though towards the end I was stopping every 15 feet or so to catch my breath, I managed to hike the 3 miles (I’m actually going to have to double check this and see what the actual distance was) up to our destination, stopping at an elevation of 10,955 feet.  Took forever and a few times I wondered if I’d actually make it to the top before turning back, but I did it and it was awesome. 

I have to say, I was really thankful for my hiking companions.  The couple who were comfortable with going on ahead, trusting my reassurance that I was fine bringing up the rear.  And the couple that hung back with me without making me feel like I was a hindrance.  Some good peeps, these Coloradoans.

After the hike, I headed back solo in search of water (I underestimated how much I would need).

I spent some time in the afternoon exploring Boulder since it’s touted to be one of the most amazingly vegan friendly places in the world, and it was nice, but too much of a big city for me.  The drive there was beautiful and I did find a nice vegan restaurant for lunch.

Ended my day by photographing elk in Moraine Valley.

near the end of the hike...

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