A fox snarled at me on my way to the restroom. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Then I saw the bunny running in the other direction. My near heart attack cost the fox his dinner but saved a life. Eventful potty break. Advertisements

Day 12 – Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve reached Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  I didnt realize how tiring the elevation would be initially, but I’ll adapt soon enough. In the meantime, RMNP is beautiful, the elk are HUGE, the tourists dumb, but amusing and the weather is perfect.  I’m camping with a new photographer friend from Deviant Art tonight and … More Day 12 – Rocky Mountain National Park


At Coal Creek Coffee Co. In Laramie, WY listening to the baristas quote every line from Finding Nemo. 🙂 Makes me think of my sisters…miss you!

Day 8

I had breakfast at Tumbleweed Cafe this morning.  The owner was ringing me up and remarked on how familiar I looked.  I told her I’d been here in May and she says “Oh! You’re hair is different.” Its so very strange to be remembered.  I dig it. lol I’m on the other end of the … More Day 8

Day 7

Venturing out with my camera before dawn and before most people are up was complete bliss. I spent a good part of the day photographing beautiful landscapes.  The wildfire has added an interesting element to the atmosphere.  I felt like I had fantastic light throughout the day. I’d moved from the too crowded Mammoth campsite … More Day 7