Day 7

A Yellowstone Morning

Venturing out with my camera before dawn and before most people are up was complete bliss.

I spent a good part of the day photographing beautiful landscapes.  The wildfire has added an interesting element to the atmosphere.  I felt like I had fantastic light throughout the day.

I’d moved from the too crowded Mammoth campsite in Yellowstone to a campground right outside Gardiner last.  This evening I made friends with some campers from Minnesota and Wyoming.  After a while three girls came into the campground and we volunteered to share our sites since the campground was full.  What an amazing stroke of good fortune that was- for US!

Turns out the girls were musicians.  Loveful Heights and Ash Devine.  They are all so amazingly talented.  Having them sing for us by our campfire made for the perfect camping experience.  Most of it was just stunningly beautiful, but there was a moment of hilarity when someone began improvising a song asking bears not to eat us in our sleep. 

I hope they know how wonderful they made this night. 🙂

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