Day 3 – South Dakota

I adore South Dakota.  SD is where I suddenly feel like I’m where I want to be. 

South Dakota on paper: fields, fences, cows, hills.  In reality: every mile is a painting.  And the badlands are something else entirely.

I’d camped in Badlands National Park before, but in the campground right near the diner, gift store, lodge and such.  It was nice, but not my favorite experience.  Today I got her with plenty of time to wander around, photograph and make my way to the free campground in the back of the park.  I’d been told it was incredibly rustic with no water.  Its not that bad- there are pit toilets and picnic tables.  And the views are amazing.  Actually, the image used as the header of my travel blog was taken today after hiking up the steep hill overlooking the campground.

I was also able to pick out a good place to photograph the sunrise in the morning.  Now I’m settled in camp and its nearly completely silent despite all the other campers.

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