Kentucky is colored like spring, and I don’t think just because its spring.  Vibrant green fields, crisp white fences, pink flowered trees and blue skies.  Even though the skies were completely overcast on my first day in Kentucky, even the storm clouds were blue.

Its not often that I find myself enjoying a drive, despite constant bad weather, that I repeatedly wander off my path.  I had planned to simply drive from Charleston, West Virginia to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, but I found myself on quite a few detours.

I stopped at a distillery, drove through a massive thoroughbred horse farm with stables rivaling most mansions, visited a bird sanctuary and wandered around Versailles.  Even going through congested areas in Lexington was amusing- the large road signs with the changing text that usually tells one traffic or construction information back home, also directs you to the nearest free tailgating in KY it seems.


After a big day of exploring, I did find a campsite at Mammoth Cave National Park and fell asleep under the FINALLY blue skies seen through my moon roof…


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