West Virginia

My destination Tuesday evening was Charleston, WV. 

I’d forgotten that at higher elevations, spring would still be a thing to come, so driving through western Maryland included some drabby scenery with naked trees and sad little buds barely giving a hint of color to the landscape.  Lower down, and thankfully for most of the drive, everything was lush and green and full of birds and squirrels.

Near Charleston, I wandered around Kanahwa State Forest for a time.  It has its charm, but its a bit too manicured for my tastes.  It looks like great place for families, in fact the park was full of them– playing on the playgrounds, riding bikes, picnicking and walking.  For families passing through the area, its a pretty spot- though a bit out of the way.

Also recommended in the area is the farmer’s market held year round with indoor and outdoor space.  Its clean, friendly and not littered with garage sale leftovers and faux craft manufactured goods you find at some farmer’s markets.

One of my favorite things about Charleston, and really all the towns I’ve visited in West Virginia, is how the city is sort of just tucked into the landscape.  It doesnt have the same sense of sprawl that I’m used to (and saddened by) in Maryland.  There’s forest and mountains and hills, some farms and a few roads coming off the highway in places, and then there’s the town, surrounded by more forest and mountains and hills.

My camera didn’t get a lot of use, as I was dealing with overcast skies and thunderstorms both days I was in West Virginia, but its close enough that I think I might make it a destination instead of a way-point in the near future.


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