A Sleuth of Bears

Did you know sleuth was the term for a group of bears?  You can also use slothmaul or pack.  A sleuth sounds like they are a bunch of bear detectives.  A sloth makes bears sound lazy and slow.  A maul presents them as vicious creatures.  And a pack?  Bears don’t run in packs like wolves.  If I had to choose from the lot, the obvious choice is sleuth.  Because who doesn’t love the idea of a Bearlock Holmes?

Bearlock Holmes
What else could a Sleuth Of Bears make you picture? Purchase HERE.


Anyways, here’s a collection of bear photography from Yellowstone…

Bison Chase Bear
Bison chasing a large black bear out of the path of the heard.


Grizzly Field
A sow and her very large cub. He’s probably still living in her basement and talking about making it big as the first bear rapper.

Ferocious Black Bears.


Never did see what she was running from, but I suspect there was a male grizzly not too far away. Purchase HERE.
He didn’t mind the snow, but he sure looked tentative about walking into it…
Ahhh…Old Scar Face, aka #211, how I’ll miss this bear. Here he is over a carcass, surrounded by ravens, watched by a coyote from across the water. There’s a sandhill crane off to the far left and bison grazed in the background. My last photograph of him…

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