Lamar Valley

Each area of Yellowstone National Park is so disparate from the other that I often feel like I’ve been teleporting between different lands.  Traveling from the Mammoth area to Lamar Valley takes me through an ever changing landscape.  By the time I’m in Lamar Valley, I feel like I’ve entered the Land Of The Lost, but instead of dinosaurs, there’s bison, antelope, deer, bear, coyote, wolves, badgers and dozens of other animals.

I suppose for those not so prone to fancy, its not quite Land of The Lost, but I can imagine its still a bit like going back in time.  There’s little in the way of man-made structures to spoil the landscape.  Wild animals carry about giving minimal notice to our small presence.   The sky and land open up until our presence as mere dots on the landscape becomes apparent…even more so when we leave our cars behind and hike even a small ways into the landscape.

Its not a thing I feel I can adequately capture in photos, but perhaps you might get a small sense of the place in what I have captured.









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