Live Long And Prosper

It was pointed out to me this morning that it is difficult to follow my progress when I change my route.  I informed the Itinerary Police (hi,  hubby!), that my itineraries are only guidelines and ideas, meant to change at the slightest provocation.

For instance,  on the very slim chance that my friend from Northern Minnesota could free herself up from work to meet up with me,  I changed my stop for this evening from Western Iowa to Western Minnesota.  Another example would be how I checked the weather for Badlands National Park tomorrow and discovered it’s going to be 100°.  This woman may wander,  but generally not into ovens.

I still plan on photographing the badlands,  I may even camp there if the weather changes or it cools down significantly at the end of the day,  but there’s also the very good chance I’ll continue on tomorrow evening to someplace less like the surface of the sun.  I haven’t been on the road long enough yet to become super-traveler who camps like she’s a mailman  (come rain,  come snow,  etc., etc.).

During my detoured route today I visited the future birthplace of James T. Kirk- Riverside,  Iowa.  I had actually passed through this tiny town a few years ago,  but there wasn’t much to see…only a museum that was closed during the week.

This time,  there was a surprising addition,  in stark contrast to the many shuttered buildings and empty storefronts.  Hanging along either side of the road were crisp,  colorful banners bearing the images and quotes of the crew of the Enterprise.

PhotoGrid_1441199190820 IMG_20150902_164206

I did attempt to stop in at the museum,  but,  as before,  they were closed.  I stopped at the gas station across the street as well,  hoping to discover some kitschy Riverside souvenirs,  but struck out there as well.

At least I’ll have my memories….

The other item of interest spotted during my drive was my first Wall Drug sign of the trip.


And now I’m off in search of bison.

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