Devil’s Tower

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This trip was the second time I made a quick stop at Devil’s Tower National Monument on my way to someplace else.  As before, though I had forgotten until I was there again, I wished I had scheduled more time. Devil’s Tower itself is, of course, the main attraction, domineering the landscape, but its not the only attraction. The campgrounds are beautfil, set amongst trees and streams and grass that make me think of watering holes of the old west.  A prairie dog town sits at the base of the tower, separated by a few small hills and dense forest.  Hiking trails lead to and around and away from the tower, meandering through fields and forests.  Pastures with horses, long horn steer and the occasional bison abut the park.  In the open spaces wildlife of all sorts go about their days, taking almost no notice of the humans passing by.

This trip is becoming full of ideas for other trips, for plans to return for a longer stay and more wandering.

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