Dusk Silhouettes

There’s this spot on Kent Island that can at first appear to be nothing special. In the mid afternoon, when the light is brightest, it seems like any other location along the shore.  Off to the north you can see the long expanse of the Bay Bridge.  To the west, across the Bay, you might … More Dusk Silhouettes

Backlog of Blackwater Photography

I’m on an editing spree, trying to make some progress on my New Years Resolution to process my backlog of photography. This first batch contains photography taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.   Here’s to a New Year full of beauty and adventure!

Arctic Maryland

Maryland generally has mild winters.  We don’t get much snow and it doesn’t stay much below freezing for long.  Having had two arctic freezes come through in the past month, Maryland is currently well below freezing, icy and snowy.  And what better time to photograph the sunset than during an arctic blast, right? I spent … More Arctic Maryland