I have had a few moments of completely freaking out about doing this trip on my own. I keep telling EVERYONE that I’m going because I know that will prevent me from backing out.

I’m just pretty damn apprehensive about it. Its SUCH a large trip. I think if I were going to the Smoky Mountains, a place I love and am familiar with, and can reach in ONE day, I’d be more at ease. But, I also know that it could be years before I could make this trip if I wait for other people to make themselves available. So…I deal with the mini freak outs and allow for the fact that I’m likely to have a couple of emotional breakdowns along the way. Ah, well…

An online photographer friend of mine, John, has arranged to be in Yellowstone for at least a few days while I’m there. He’s arranged to spend the first weekend there and may possibly bring another friend along (another one I’ve talked to in our photography forum for the past year or two). So, at least I’ve got some company (and company that can be vouched for by multiple sources, lol).

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