I decided there was just too much to see to continue on home right away, so this morning I backtracked a bit.  First thing was to get back to Rapid City, South Dakota where I found Black Hills Bagels and got my fill of bagels, coffee and wifi.

Then it was on to Mount Rushmore.  I mean, it would be wrong, wouldnt it, to be out here and NOT see Mount Rushmore?  So I went…and now I can say I saw it.  And I have pictures of it.  🙂

Not far away is the Crazy Horse Memorial.  The story behind this memorial is so incredibly interesting.  The family behind its ongoing construction (since its beginning in 1948) is amazing and dedicated. Read more about the memorial here:

Beyond just the interesting history surrounding the memorial, and the beauty of the memorial itself, the place has an amazing museum, a video explaining the history and an area where native american artisans make and sell their wares. 

I took my time at Crazy Horse Memorial and I can safely say that it is someplace I’d like to visit again.

Then it was on to Custer State Park, which I’d heard was beautiful.  It was.  It also had scads of Bighorn Sheep for me to photograph.

It was starting to get a bit late, so I continued on to Wind Cave National Park and my campsite for the night…

Crazy Horse Memorial

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