Making it home…

I had planned to meet up with an online friend of mine in Ohio this morning, but found that the number I had for him was wrong.  So, I stopped at a cafe to use the wifi and contact him via facebook only to have the cafe’s wifi not work with my laptop.  I texted in an update to Facebook (I dont have internet access on my phone) telling him I’d have to catch him next time.  By the time he got my message I had stopped for lunch in Western Maryland.

We’re thinking of it as a comedy of errors.  I’m pretty sure we’ve been in the same place at least twice without meeting and only found out later the other had been there.  Trying to meet on purpose didnt seem to work much better.  I might have to start thinking of him as my imaginary friend or something. haha

Made it home in one piece despite some nasty weather in the mountains.

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