Tardy Recap of the New England trip

There were some great bands at the Naukabout Music Festival.  The Ryan Montbleau Band is a new favorite of mine.  Also discovered Adam Ezra and enjoyed Varlet (featuring Lily Scott from American Idol).  I had expected the event to be more crowded, but there was a decent number of people for a newish Festival.

The campground I stayed at left quite a bit to be desired.  It was sort of a trailor park slash campground.  I did get to camp very near a lake, though, so in the morning I had the opportunity to take some decent photographs.

I only stayed at the campground the night before the festival.  For what it was, I didnt really want to pay another $30.  Instead, I went directly from the festival to my brother’s house several hours away.

Visiting my brother and his family is an adventure in itself.  They are some of the most awesome people EVER, they live in this wonderful old house in a charming little town, surrounded by little pockets of nature.

I did a very quick one night stint in Maine.  I think the drive would’ve been a lot of fun with someone to check out fun antique malls with.  Acadia was pretty, but I cannot even begin to describe how crowded it was.  It looks like it would be a great place to visit in the off season.

I grabbed a campsite outside of Acadia (since Acadia was booked solid) , which was a lucky find since they had a very amusing Elvis impersonator.

From Acadia, I returned to my brother’s house and then on to New York to spend some time with extended family there.

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