Night One, Ohio Walmart

Yesterday I wasnt having a lot of luck finding a place to camp and I’d recently found out that some Walmarts let you ‘camp out’ in your vehicles overnight.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of bonuses gained by doing this.

1. Its generally a good idea to check with the manager first since not all Walmart’s allow this (and some city limits prohibit it).  So, once you’re set, the manager and night security know you are there.

2. 24 hour Walmarts mean bathrooms.  And busy Walmarts (oddly, Walmarts seem to be busy at all hours of the night) are less creepy than stumbling in the dark to the bathroom in a campground.

3. The lots are well lit and generally secure.  As long as you’re not in some crummy part of town (in which case, I recommend against staying at the Walmart), you’re golden. 

4.  If you should realize you forgot some gear or food or supplies of some type at home, you’re feet away from shopping.

5. Its free.

So, I parked overnight in a Walmart parking lot, felt completely secure and didnt have to pay.  I slept fairly well, too.  Roadtripping in my Element is almost like having a camper…

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