In Denver!

I was at BWI airport and waiting to board my plane well before 5 am.  It was incredibly quiet at the airport.  I’d never been when it wasnt jam packed with people.  It made me think of zombie movies.

At 9:26 I was in Houston and on my connecting flight to Denver.   One of these days I’d like to find out how they work out how these flights are planned.

At noon I had safely landed in chilly Denver.  The Super Shuttle went smoothly enough, though it took quite some time to get anywhere because it was snowing and the roads were a mess.

Eventually I made it to my friend John’s place (who had generously offered to put me up for my stay) and we met up with Johnny (who organized the previous meetup) for lunch. 

Wow.  I’m pretty darn tired and I only just got here.

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