Lazy Sunday…

After the previous day’s wanderings I had a destination in mind for sunrise.  I reached the spot on the Foothills parkway I had made note of the day before, only to move on to find someplace less obstructed by the trees.  I found a great view, but as the sun came up there was too much cloud cover to achieve the shot I was going for.  I made the best of what I had, then headed down to Calderwood Lake, hoping for some inspiration.  Calderwood Lake was as grey as the sky, so I moved on.

Just a bit down the road I came across a man just moments after he had wiped out on his motorcycle after taking a corner.  I stopped to see if he was injured or needed assistance in any way but he cheerfully said he was fine and started picking up the pieces of his bike from the road with a self-deprecating smile on his face.   Anyone who can retain thier humor in such situations is a kindred spirit in my book. 

Since the light was many gradients less than stellar, I felt no guilt in dropping the morning photography in favor of visiting the flea market in Marysville.  This particular flea market is definitely hit or miss.  There’s always vendors there with boxes and tables of crud they’ve pulled, dusty and grimy, from sheds and attics and dumped uncerimoniously on the ground in the hopes someone will love thier trash.  The saying that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure doesnt usually apply to piles of unsorted, unwashed shed junk, but maybe they do things differently down here.  I did mange to find a couple of Kenny Rogers 45s and there was a man selling Japanese Maples that I might revisit this coming weekend.

I spent most of the afternoon sketching and the evening bumming around the cove.  I fairly productive day all the way around.

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