WiFi Moment.

Getting to sleep last night was a pain because the people in the next campsite had thier generator running past 11 pm.  If I’m staying up that late, I’d much rather it be because I’m sitting around a campfire chatting with people, not because I’m smothering myself under a pillow trying to block out non-nature noises. 

I went up to Newfound Gap for sunrise.  It was so overcast and foggy up there I could barely see past the trees nearest me.  I attempted to go up to Clingmans Dome but could barely see the road, so figured that wouldnt really be worth it.  Oh, well, you win some, you lose some.

So, I’m spending some time, taking a WiFi moment, updating the blog and answering correspondence while drinking gallons of coffee investigating other places I might visit this week….

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