Soggy to foggy…

It started down-pouring yesterday afternoon and continued on at a steady pace through the rest of the day and night. I spent the afternoon taking care of things like picking up the accident report from the sheriff’s office and speaking with the car insurance company. Later I did the unthinkable and got a site at the KOA in town. In my defense, the showers, laundry facilities, showers, wifi, showers, being in cell reception and showers were too much to resist. And honestly, the site I was in wasn’t bad all things considered. That said, I’ll probably only return to add a book to their Take-one-leave-one shelf since I took a Joe Hill book to disturb myself with when I’m reading alone in the middle of the dark woods. 😉

I found a very small complaint regarding sleeping in my Element last night. Rain is much louder bouncing off the roof on a car than on the top of one’s tent. Earplug investment will solve that problem.

This morning I headed up to Cades Cove, knowing that all those storms likely meant heavy morning mist. As over-photographed as the Cove can be, I’m not one to pass it when it looks like this:

(Will insert pictures here when I find a wifi hotspot)

I spent a good six hours shooting this morning before heading to town in search of coffee and wifi. Found the first (drinkable with an added shot of espresso) but the second has not materialized yet (hooray for being able to update via email from my phone).

I spent a few minutes speaking to a very southern gentleman who was standing outside the Dollar General with his pygmy goat. His goat is four months old, likes cigarette butts (she eats the tobacco and spits out the filter) and old chewing gum. She lives with another pygmy goat and a ‘gen-u-ine Tennessee fainting goat’. The little goat was not much larger than my cat.

Not sure what my plan is for the rest of the day or where I’ll be camping tonight, but I’ll let y’all (the accent is contagious) know sooner or later.

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