Day 1…In Ohio!

I set out this morning about 7 am.  The weather was beautiful and the sun was so pretty I had to take a quick photo with my phone’s camera.  After hemming and hawing and double checking everything and then checking them again, I was shooed on my way by a laughing husband (he finds my trip departure procrastination amusing).

It was a lovely drive despite some morning traffic.  As I entered Western Maryland I remembered the trip home through Western Maryland last fall and how I’d had to pull over because of the torential rain.  I must of jynxed myself, because it started downpouring almost immediately and I had to pull off the highway several times.  Eventually I found my way through Western Maryland, into West Virginia, into Pennsylvania and back into West Virginia.  By the time I made it into Ohio the rain had lessened to a drizzle.

I made a pit stop at Best Buy for a new bluetooth (I swear my cat stole and hid my old one) to make my drive a little safer as calls came in.  I also, on impulse, picked up some very cheap lens filters to play around with on the trip.

Eventually I made it to my destination just outside Dayton.  I’m staying with a lovely, sweet girl from, her three friendly dogs (including a 170 pound Irish Wolfhound) and two chatty birds.  Its nice not to be driving in the rain anymore and I’m getting more excited about getting out west.  No photography for today I think, but perhaps tomorrow when I make my way into Iowa.

My husband is shipping out any purchases that were made before my departure this weekend.  Those expecting packages- keep an eye out. 🙂

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