Day 4: Badlands National Park

Keeping in the spirit of my taking my time through the midwest this trip rather than powering through til I reached one of my main destinations, I spent most of today’s drives on backroads. Made for a much longer, but more interesting drive.

Now I’m sitting at my campsite on the back side of Badlands National Park. There’s a breeze, the sun is out and the temperature is somewhere around perfect. At the next site a man and his young son are tossing a football around. At another, two college guys are talking, laughing often with news radio crackling through their battery operated radio. A prairie dog lies 20 feet from me, sunning, stretched out belly down in the dirt.

After so much driving today, I’m happy to sit, take in the atmosphere, read and perhaps break out my sketch book while waiting for more favorable evening light.

A view from camp...

A view from camp…

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