Day 8: And the day just kept getting better…

When I’d met campers Helen and Mike the other day, Mike had told me of several good places to investigate on my way to Glacier National Park.  I had originally planned to leave from Gardiner, MT, but his suggestions had led me to head out of the park through West Yellowstone.  I’m SO thankful I took this route.

287 took me along Hebgen Lake, through Gallatin National Forest and along Earthquake Lake.  I immediately had to call a friend back home to tell her how beautiful it is and that she HAS to come camping with me out here next year.  I stopped several times along the way to photograph, despite the need to compensate for the harsh evening light.  I may have to camp there on my way back towards Yellowstone.

Further up 287 I saw movement in a field along the road and slowed to get a look. Golden Eagles!!  I’d never seen one before and there were three right along the road working on some roadkill.  I pulled a u-turn and stopped nearby to watch.  I managed to get a few shots of one of them before they were all in flight again, and I’m not sure any of those are keepers, but I’m happy enough just to have seen them up close.

I drove up to Butte, Montana and made a quick stop to get my hair cut.  Kind of a random time to get it done, but I was looking pretty shaggy.  Figuring any disaster that befell it could grow out while camping, I risked a stop at Great Clips.  Wish I remembered the name of the woman who cut my hair because she did an awesome job.

I thought to spend the night in a campground near Butte, but it was still so early I chose to move on.  I ended my drive in Helena, having gotten a recommendation for a campsite there.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bad recommendation as the campsite was actually an RV park that was very like a parking lot and was charging nearly $50 when you took tax into the equation.  Yikes.

Priceline to the rescue!    And the hubby, who logged on at home to work out the ‘Name Your Own Price’ details.  For $60 I’ve got a clean room at the Days Inn, wifi, a shower and the first real privacy I’ve had since I left home.  Silver linings…

I’ll be heading out in the morning for Glacier National Park to meet up with a friend of mine for several days of wandering and camping up there.

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