Day 14, Part 2

AFTER finishing up my blog updates and answering emails at Tumbleweed, I went in search of wildlife and a campsite.  A group of Pronghorn cooperated for a time, as did a herd of bison.  The sky provided and more interesting scape than it had last week, so I stopped to take some panoramic photographs as well.

I arrived at the Grant Campground before 4 and they were already nearly full.  I was most fortunate to be able to switch campsites when I found my first assigned site undesirable.

After securing my campsite I set off to explore a while longer.  There were a few elk nearby but at distance through the trees.

And then the thunderstorms rolled in.  Not the type that provides for blue grey skies and interesting light, but the loud, lightning-laced, heavy storms that encourage one (at least myself) to stay inside.  A shame, as the old gents at the next camp site were a peculiar and fun deo I wouldve enjoyed chatting with a bit longer.

Tomorrow looks to be cooler and rain free.  I may continue on to the Tetons.  I may not.

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