Day 14: Taking a breather…

After all the travel and trouble finding a campsite yesterday, I felt justified in sleeping in this morning.  So I was up at 7.  It was raining, so I didnt miss a glorious sunrise, which I chose to take as a sign to not feel overly slothful in my laziness.

I got my first look at the Yellowstone Tipi Camp where I’d slept.  It was a small, pretty campground bordering a cluster of cute rental cabins.  The campground was dotted with good-sized white tipis and a few tent sites like my own.  The direction of the showers and bathrooms had been pointed out to me the night before.  They were bordered by wooden privacy fencing, so it wasnt til rounding the corner that I saw they were large porta-johns and outdoor shower stalls.  I decided to shower in town at the laundromat with its locking doors and indoor heat.

After a shower I felt much more human and clearer headed.  A delicious breakfast and coffee at Tumbleweed Bookstore and Cafe put me fully to rights and I’ve spent the morning updating my blog and catching up on correspondance.  I’ll have to head out soon to ensure I can book a campsite for the day and I’ll need to figure out whether I want to stay in Yellowstone for a few days or spend the rest of my time in the Tetons before Im scheduled to be in Colorado.

I’m all typed out… 😉

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