Day 17: The elements need to stop messing with me…

I moved to the Jenny Lake campground yesterday. Its an RV free zone, which I enjoy more than camping in a sea of RVs.

Once the cloud cover rolled in yesterday, it didn’t seem to want to move out. I took a short hike in the rain, then headed back to camp when the rain let up. I attempted to cook a late dinner, but it started to rain again. I put my supplies away and settled in to watch the rain. Eventually it let up and I thought to try for lunch again. It started to rain again. This went on til I had managed a lukeworm veggie broth and sliced raw carrots. I decided to drive back to Colter Bay for a very late lunch.

Unfortunately, they were serving neither lunch or dinner. The bar had chips and salsa (and bison burger and fish n chips). It was good salsa.

About 30 minutes later the sun came out.

The cloud cover remained over the Tetons and my campsite at Jenny Lake. It did provide for some interesting skyscapes at sunset though there was little color besides blue.

The clouds would impede my views for night/star photography, so I headed off to bed.

This morning the clouds were still hanging around, but I ventured out anyways. After some lackluster light for sunrise, a quick shower, filling my gas tank and checking the air pressure in my tires, the skies cleared and I was able to find some great landscapes under a brilliant blue sky.

I stopped in Moose to repurchase a Tetons bumper sticker I’d lost when I got rear-ended in the Smoky Mountains earlier in the year. There I also found a girl who makes a decent americano.

I was back in camp for lunch, but the elements were working against me once again. Every time I managed to get my small stove lit, the wind would gust long and hard til it blew the flame out. I’d relight it (with difficulty because my lighter is missing and my matches are crud) and turn the flame up higher and higher, fighting the wind, but the wind always won.

Finally I gave up, put the uncooked soup in a Nalgene bottle and went looking for someplace to wash out my pot. Apparently, there is no place in the Jenny Lake Campground to wash dishes. I thought to ask the campground hosts if I was missing something and also if I might switch campsites (because all I can smell is the bathrooms, yuck), but they seem to have taken the day off.
I was feeling more than a bit grumpy and realized lunch was necessary sooner rather than later. I went back to Moose and had a veggie panini. And beer, because they had Moose Drool on tap. Food, beer and a great view improved my mood considerably.

So, I’m taking it easy for another hour or so then grabbing my pack and my camera and going for a hike.

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