Days 26…27…

I spent yesterday morning processing photos, though without my normal software.  Lightroom seems pretty intuitive, but I’m more comfortable using Photoshop for my editing needs.  Watermarking and processing for the web is probably possible through Lightroom as well, but I don’t want to spend much time working it out when I could be out and doing things.

I ventured into the city last night to attend the Denver Couchsurfer meetup.  I hadnt expected it to be such a large crowd.  I believe there were 20-30 people there and I was informed that they’ve had twice that number at other get-togethers.  As I’ve come to expect whenever CSers are involved, there were really amazing people there who were full of interesting stories.

I’ve been looking at the local CS groups back home and there dont seem to be as many people taking part.  Score another one for the awesomeness of Colorado.

This afternoon I’ll be meeting up with my friend, Bree, to photograph near Golden.  Think happy thoughts and wishes for good light… 😉

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