I did end up fi…

I did end up finding my way to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah after leaving The Sentient Bean Friday morning.  Even better, Nishant met me there and I had some company while exploring the statuary and ornate headstones.  Its a beautiful location and one that requires several hours to explore properly.  Even with a heavy cloud cover, or maybe because of, it was possible for me to capture a few really beautiful scenes.

Afterwards I left Savannah (vowing to return for a longer stay!) and drove the few hours to Florida.  My timing was excellent as I met up with my fabulous friends Pam and Colleen for a night out with them, a few of their friends and the fantastic Baker Act Band .  The band blew my mind with covers from Eddie And The Cruisers to Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Beatles.  Despite having been up since 5:30 and on the go all day, I was thrilled to stay through the very last song.  We were very near Pam’s house, but between chatting with the band and others at the bar after the band finished playing, driving to Pam’s, unloading some of my gear and staying up to chat and catch up a bit more, it was well past 2 am before I called it a day.

Saturday was a lazy day for all of us.  We spent much of it sitting on Pam’s  porch, drinking coffee and catching up.  Despite staying connected on Facebook, there’s a lot that gets missed while we’re apart, details that need to be filled in and stories fleshed out.  We were still talking when evening rolled around and we headed down to the water so I could photograph the boats on the water while having a drink at Whiskey River.  Another great night and while there wasn’t a great band there to entertain us, the restaurant owner, our waitress and our bar tender all entertained the heck out of us.  Add to that some really great food, a beautiful view and perfect weather and you’re set up for a nice time.

This evening Pam and Colleen are taking me to ‘the best sunset in town’.  They’ve got other location ideas in the works, so I’ll be here a few days yet.


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