I’m going to post two updates today, as its been a bit since my last update.  Unfortunately for me, the internet ate the post I’d just finished writing, so here we go again…

In East Glacier Park I stayed at the Mountain Pine Motel to get through a bit of a migraine that had come to visit.  The Mountain Pine Motel is a cute little place that managed to be both dated and charming.  It was one of the cleanest places I’ve ever stayed at, and Doris and Terry, the owners, were incredibly sweet and welcoming.  If you’re in the area, definitely consider a stay there.


After my stay there, I was ready to explore Glacier National Park. I’d met up with a fellow photographer and friend, Dani, last year about this time and so was fairly familiar with the park.  Still, I managed to find a couple of areas we had somehow missed, perhaps due to season road closures.

I met quite a few great people during my stay-  college girls road-tripping through the National Parks, fellow photographers, friendlier-than-they-look bikers, helpful rangers and vacationing families.  One of my favorite encounters was with a group of people I’m going to call the Planes, Trains & Automobiles Chicago Crew due to their various ways of traveling to meet up.  …and because I can’t remember their names.  The three sisters and their husbands were a pleasure, and a hoot, to meet.  I know they’ll forgive me forgetting their names as they owe me one due  to to one rascally husband’s description of my beloved Badlands! 😉

Despite all the socializing, I covered a great deal of the park.  I camped in several campgrounds and drove the Going To The Sun Road twice.  That road has stunning vistas but, hoo-boy!, the heights!

Other high points from my trip were listening to Jack Gladstone, “Montana’s Blackfeet Troubadour”, when he came to sing in the campground I was staying at and seeing a large grizzly near Many Glaciers.

A sneak peek from this visit, Two Medicine Lake:


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